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Master the sound space...


Sound Chef Pro is a professional tool for learning sound frequencies easily. It runs with both Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. For progressive learning, you can choose to work in 10, 15 or 31 frequency RANGES. The software can be used in two different modes:

- LEARN mode lets you hear the different frequencies and learn them, monitoring the ones you have already listened to on a bargraph-style screen which shows you the frequencies you've studied the most.

- TEST mode provides a way to auto-test your skill and knowledge by doing a sound dictation and displays your results for each individual frequency and a global score. You will receive a grade at the end of each test and you can post your results on this link.


Version: 1.03

Size: about 3.7 MB

System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7 - Mac OS X 10.4 and later

You must be connected to the internet to use the software !!! A stable connection is required.

You can use the software for free as a DEMO version . Only the 10 frequency RANGE TEST is available in the demo version.

Download for Windows   <<<   Choose your version   >>>    Download for Mac OS X


Special launch price: 19.00 EUR - includes 5 consecutive installations and free updates for 2 years.

You will receive your serial number by email within 24 hours of payment confirmation.

For a limited time only, we will offer a free license to any person that can translate this site and the software dialog boxes (easy) in one of the missing language figuring at the top of this page. Contact us.


    Frequencies are like the basic elements of any sound your ears can hear. When you work in the studio or with live music, your best friend is your knowledge of this sound material. It's all a matter of being able to skillfully balance all the frequencies sound and music deliver. For years, sound professionals have used graphic equalizers to treat and adjust sound before sending it through speakers. It's a way to adapt musical instruments and voices to a specific room or place and give them a nice feeling. Musicians on stage and in the studio depend on these graphic equalizers. The essential is to speak the same language in order to precisely match needs and possibilities.
    Our ears can hear sound from 20 Hertz (low - bass) to 20 000 Hertz (high - treble) when we are young, and we lose the ability to hear some highs as we get older. In the world of sound professionals, that wide range has been reduced to a selected and representative 31 "bands" (portions) in order to treat the sound with graphic equalizers, some more common ones having only 15 or 10 bands, giving a little less control.
    With the help of Sound Chef Pro you can learn easily, step by step, how to precisely identify each of those frequencies and become confident with sound texture. Frequencies are like the alphabet of sound. You can't write well without knowing your alphabet. It's the same with sound.
    The goal is to have musicians and sound technicians speak the same language in order to work in the best conditions.
    Sound Chef Pro uses a special algorithm, hosted on our server, to analyse and test your skill. The frequencies you can hear are leveled following the ISO 226:2003 equal-loudness contours (100 phons) to give you the best listening comfort.

Bugs to be fixed:

- A not pretty flickering fader bug, only under Windows : will be fixed very soon.
- Fatal Exception ERROR if too many (nervous) clicks on faders in TEST mode, only under Windows : high priority.
- Contact us to report any bug.


FAQ (User feedback and questions will be posted here)

- On Macintosh, if you are experiencing saturated sound in the treble, open "Audio MIDI setup" (in Applications/Utilities) and make sure that your primary audio output is well configured on "Format: 44100,0 Hz". Click here to see a screen capture.

- Following is a nice user feedback, thank you Jordan (very high score on the ranking page):
I'm growing quite fond of this software. I try to use it every day, and every day my score improves. This is all well and good, but the score is not the coolest part.
I can now go to my mix and when i pull up the EQ, i can pinpoint by ear the exact frequency that is masking a part. As crazy as it sounds, It's almost like i'm beginning to develop perfect pitch!
Mixing will never be the same again.
Thanks Guys.
Jordan Schaff (Everett, WA)"


Sound Chef Pro Grades

Over 2600 points

Over 2100 points

Over 1600 points

1600 points and under




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